Analysis date error while projects reloading

We have a banner saying it is loading projects but for a long time.

the error shows


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The things shown in your screenshots are unrelated.

Can you define “long time”? Are we talking hours or days? And BTW, this is only a warning.

Regarding your analysis error, it’s telling you that it received an analysis report dated from before the most recently processed one. If you check the timestamps, you’ll see the one that failed is 5s older that the most recently processed one. I would guess this is a question of a server’s clock slipping…


Sorry for the late reply. I don’t see the banner now. but the issues tab is throwing an error


This is all about the reindexing after your upgrade. With 8.4 we introduced features to give you partial availability as the server migrates from the previous version. So projects are available in the Projects page and in their homepages as each one is indexed, not - as it was previously - only after every single project has been indexed. This error on the issues page looks like part of the same new feature.

I.e. it should go away “soon” as reindexing completes. BTW, you never did answer before how long you saw the warning from your initial post.


warning was there for few days. How long does a re-indexing take?


How big is your instance?


hi Ann,

we have around 532 projects. is that what do you mean how big? or did I understand wrongly.


Hi, that should have taken like an hour or so. From the screenshot, one project indexation was stuck (hence the banner “indexation in progress” stuck at 99%). Do you see any failed indexation job in the background tasks (“Project reload” type)?

there are two failed tasks with same error as pointed above. Ann, said that it could be because of server clock issue.

The issues tab is not showing anything. and how do we fix the two failures?

Hi, this issue is not related to the indexation. Is there a sonar.projectDate property in your scanner context? (you can access the context by clicking the gear on right, on the background task list)

No, I don’t see one.

So as Ann says, you most likely have an issue with your servers time synchronisation.