Analyses suspended. Please set a valid license for the Edition you installed.Go to License page

I used the trial version of developer edition.I did not get any license key.Still my projects issues not represent on sonarqube

Sonarqube version : 7.8
Sonar Scanner : sonar-scanner-

Hi @kmadhubhani,

To try the Developer Edition, you should go on the form page here and fill in the information, related to your volume of lines of code, name of company, etc.
Then, a Sales rep will contact you to gather some information and send you the related license key, so you will be able to evaluate the Developer Edition features.


I did not get any key. It has been 2 days .I already send even a email

Hi @kmadhubhani,

I checked internally and my colleague Adriana reached out to you by email last Friday and yesterday.
I let you discuss directly with her, regarding your needs and expectations with SonarSource’s products :slight_smile:

Enjoy your evaluation,

Thank you.

Hi Carine,
I am facing the same issue with the free enterprice edition of SonarQube, I sent mail regarding trial license. But I dint get any response. Please help.