Already imported projects can still be imported - not recognized as already imported

  • ALM used: Azure DevOps
  • CI system used: Azure DevOps

We have several projects which were already imported, but not marked as imported.
They are being analyzed etc. But they can still be imported, which has happened now 2 times.

Any idea how I can set this on the repo within soncarcloud.


Are those projects bound?

Only bound projects will not be able to be imported another time. Manual projects analyzing a repo will remain available in the onboarding wizard.

Yes they are bound to Azure Devops.

I’ve reached out privately for some additional details.

Hi @neumi8 , welcome to our Community!

You provided a project key to @Colin in a private message. You also told us that this project is bound to AzDo but we double-checked here and it is not bound. Could you please double-check on your side if the project is bound, based on our documentation (screen capture from the icon that shows the project is bound would be great)?

Additionally, can you tell me when this project was created at SonarCloud for the first time?