ALM Integrations is missing


My config:
SonarQube version 6.7.7 (38951)
Licence: developer edition

According to I should be able to configure an ALM Integration and choose Bitbucket Server to have my PullRequest decorated. Unfortunately this configuration option is missing.
How can I turn it on?

Hi @tomki99,

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You are looking at the “latest version” documentation, whereas you are running an old 6.7 version of SonarQube. This is why you can’t find this feature :slight_smile:
I would first recommend you to upgrade to either the current LTS (7.9) or the latest release (8.3).
You will find all the links to download the correct binaries here (LTS is below, under “Long-Term Support version”), and the upgrade path is explained here.

Enjoy your journey with SonarQube, and PR decoration in your ALM after having upgraded !


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I can’t find it in 7.9 (Developer edition) too. Any ideas? Thanks.

Did you follow the ?
Which registry are you trying to configure with?

I did. I have it set up and working for a couple of years now.
However I’m trying to integrate SonarQube 7.9 with multiple instances of Azure DevOps. It’s doesn’t seem to be supported in 7.9?
@Carine_Lacombe Am I missing something, or are you sure it’s there in 7.9? Thanks

Hi @Anton_Chernysh,

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Multiple instances of the same ALM flavor is an Enterprise Edition feature.


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