Missing ALM integration menu

  • SonarQube 7.9
  • missing ALM integration menu in Administration->Configuration->General settings


I am running the Enterprise version of SonarQube 7.9 and I do not see ALM integration menu. Any idea how to fix this issue?


You must be looking at the current 8.x docs or a reference to current SonarQube instances. In 7.9 the equivalent of this configuration area was called “Pull Requests” instead.

Thank you, Jeff. One more question. I am planning to integrate SonarQube with GitLab, however I can only see the following options: GitHub, Azure Devops, and BitBucket server. How can I add GitLab in this list?

GitLab integration wasn’t added until 8.x. You’ll need to upgrade your SonarQube server to a newer version to take advantage of GitLab integration.

Thank you, Jeff.