Allow Project Specific Settings in Eclipse

I would like sonarlint eclipse plugin to allow us the ability to set the enabled rules for only specific projects and save these configuration in the project setting’s folder to share with other team members.

Our team works on various different projects, and I am sure different projects enable and disable specific rules based on their needs and rules. I see the SonarLint > Rules Configuration under preferences but that is a global configuration to all projects which may cause some conflicts with certain team members and projects.

I would want the same menu under Project > Properties similar to how eclipse allows you to specify a project level Java code formatter. Eclipse stores this project formatter in .settings\org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs allowing it to be placed in the source repository and shared with all developers of the project with no extra configuration as long as they use Eclipse. The only thing you can define for a project in SonarLint is file exclusions right now. We don’t have a SonarQube/Cloud server.

Hello, this would be a nice feature indeed. Ticket created.