After integrating golangci-lint in sonarqube pipeline code smells are not showing properly

I have Gitlab ci for sonaruqbe. There i have integrated golangci-lint with my pipeline. In my local i can see i have 800 code smells but in sonar dashboard it is only showing 70.
Also i downloaded the static-analysis.xml there also 800 issue. How can i fix this issue.

Hey there.

How is your GitLab CI YAML file configured? Are there any external issues showing up in SonarQube, or only the ones raised by SonarQube itself (you should see a box that says EXTERNAL next to imported issues)

Hi Colin,
no external issues. only raised by Sonarqube.
I have added this line for Golang ci lint
Can you please let me know what should i add in my pipeline so i can see all error are coming in static-analysis.xml in Sonarqube smells sections.

What do the scanner logs say? You’re looking for logs that start around here:

INFO: Sensor Import of GolangCI-Lint issues [go]

Hi ,
WARN: GolangCILinterReportSensor: No input file found for <error column=“2” line=“90”
this i can see in logs

And that’s all?

The more information you can provide (how you generate the report, full logs, etc.) the more helpful that we can be!

It would also be helpful to see, as requested, your full gitlab-ci.yml file.