Add support for cc1.exe in build-wrapper?


(Vasile Adrian Constantin) #1


My company uses SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM that is sadly not supported by build-wrapper. Something about it only invoking cc1.exe directly, instead of using the “frontend” gcc.

Is it possible to support cc1.exe in build-wrapper please ?

SonarQube and Segger Embedded Studio
(Evgeny Mandrikov) #3

As was already said in SonarQube and Segger Embedded Studio :

this wasn’t in our short/mid-term plans and for sure requires testing and some development, which volume might grow depending on results of testing, so can’t promise/guarantee/estimate this right now

But ticket exists -

(Evgeny Mandrikov) #5

One more thing to say in context of this request:

While interface of “driver” i.e. gcc is relatively well specified and documented,
“frontend” i.e. cc1 is internal GCC command and completely undocumented.

Clang FAQ contains following statement about direct invocation of its frontend:

Users should not run clang -cc1 directly, because -cc1 options are not guaranteed to be stable.

So IMO strictly speaking support of direct “frontend” invocation might be not the best ever idea, and might become a source of errors and headaches to maintain.

And at the end - why not ask developers of SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM to change their product for invocation of driver? What won’t be fragile like support of “fronted” invocation, and moreover will already work with current version of build-wrapper and CFamily Plugin.