Build-wrapper empty for C++ on Windows with Segger Embedded Studio (gcc)

I check out our C++ sourcecode from git in Azure Devops.
We have planned to use Azure Pipelines and Sonarcloud with private projects, but the first step is to generate a build-wrapper file. To build the binary from command line, we use embuild.exe (from SEGGER). This tool uses the projectfile generated and used by the IDE.

We generate our binary (it’s a library “easemate.a”) and sonarfiles for project “easemate” with:
build-wrapper-win-x86-64.exe --out-dir=sonarcloud “C:\Program Files\SEGGER\SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM 4.16a\bin\emBuild.exe” -config “Debug” -solution “easemate” -rebuild easemate.emProject

The binary is created without errors. Also both files for Sonarcloud a generated, but the build-wrapper-dump.json looks like build-wrapper-dump.json.txt (513 Bytes)
and the logfile is build-wrapper.log (519.8 KB)

What things must the build tool support to fill the JSON files? Is there another way to generate a static code analyse for C++ code?

Hello @GerhardMarihart,

SEGGER Embedded Studio is not currently supported. You can watch CPP-2060 for updates on this subject.