Add option "Resolve - Tech Debt" to issues

Hi all,

I was wondering what would be the community’s reception to adding an option “Resolve - Tech Debt” to issues along with the current “Resolve - Won’t Fix” and “Resolve - False Positive”.

The purpose of it would be to ignore the issue temporarily (and allow a Pull Request to pass the quality gate), but keep it listed so that it is addressed later on a subsequent pull request.



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What you’ve described is really the purpose of “Won’t Fix”. I guess what you miss is the workflow to automatically un-resolve it after merge?


Hi Ann,

Yes, that workflow to automatically un-resolve it would be perfect! How would it work? You would mark the issues as either “Won’t fix - permanent” or “Won’t fix - in this PR”?


Currently that workflow doesn’t exist in an automated way. I believe that comments and audit trail are preserved on merged issues. If tags are as well (I’m honestly not sure) then maybe you could label such issues something like ‘WF-rollback’ to you can easily find and fix them after merge.


Thanks Ann, I’ll give it a thought by means of git tags.

Any chance that it might be considered to include such workflow for future releases?


For the record, I meant issue tags in SonarQube.

TBH, the development schedule is quite full for the next LTS (current ETA 2021Q1) but I’ve already pointed this out internally as an interesting use case.


Thanks again, Ann!

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