Accounts on all SonarCloud projects


My organization is currently using SonarCloud for multiple projects and we would like to automatize some steps regarding the onboarding of users. Therefore I have two questions for this process :

  • Is there a feature to add on all projects by default one account ?

  • Is it possible to make sure one account is always added automatically to one project once created ?

Thank you in advance for your help !

Hello @ThibaultM,

I don’t fully understand your question. What do you mean when you say “one account”? Is it the same as user, or do you mean something else?

Same here, could you elaborate more on your use-case?

Hello Tom,

Yes sorry for the misunderstanding it is indeed the same as user.

Regarding the second question, is it possible to automate the process of adding one user to one specific or several projects ?

I’ve indeed read that future versions of SonarCloud will make the onboarding easier especially for Azure DevOps users.

When you add users to your organization they should automatically have access to the projects in that organization as well. Is that not the behaviour you are seeing?

We support automatic syncing of members of a GitHub organization to the SonarCloud organization, but we don’t have something similar for other ALMs. This has to be done manually. You could look into using our API to automate this yourself. See the add_member endpoint here.

To configure access on a project-by-project basis you will need to use the api/permissions/add_user endpoint here.

I hope that covers your needs!