Accidentally removed Browse permission, how do I get access back?

Hey guys, I have been using SonarCloud for some time. I am one of the Administrators in SonarCloud.

I started doing some clean up in SonarCloud because it was very messy and everyone can view all the sonar scan projects which should not be.

I deleted some unused or no longer used projects to save more on the LOC (I am using paid plan). I also updated the permission of each sonar scan project so it is only accessible for the project team members.

However, for one of the project with around 13k LOC, I accidentally unchecked the Organization Admin Browse permission(There is no confirmation prompt!) and I haven’t grant the Browse permission to the project team members. Now no one can view the project!

I know the 13k LOC may not be much but I still wouldn’t want it to eat up my LOC. Any kind souls know how to revert this? Everytime I click the project permission page, it says unauthorized so I’m out of ideas now.

Hello Richard,

Welcome to the community!

I just had a look and it seems like our feature to restore access to admins is not working or showing when it should.

As a workaround you can go to the project managements page of your organizations, and apply the default permission template to the project you lost access to. It should restore your access to it.

Thanks Grégoire!

It works :slight_smile: