A task is missing. Specifying minor task version in YML pipeline is not working

Installed Sonarqube extension on our organization on Devops Azure in cloud at https://dev.azure.com/
added sonarqube tasks to YML pipeline, but they will not run because of using minor version in task reference → SonarQubePrepare@5.13.0

However I get this error when trying to run pipeline:

A task is missing. The pipeline references a task called ‘SonarQubePrepare’. This usually indicates the task isn’t installed, and you may be able to install it from the Marketplace: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com. (Task version 5.13.0, job ‘Job’, step ‘’.)

NOTE1: using major version of task such as SonarQubePrepare@5 works, BUT it breaks my pipeline ( the latest task version 5.15.0 introduced a bug )

NOTE2: the minor version works without problem on our on-prem server Version Azure DevOps Server 2020 Update 1.1

Hi @flowbrain , thanks for reaching out, I was able to dig up your previous thread about this issue. Rather than finding a way to freeze the minor version used for the task, I suggest focusing on fixing the bug you have on the latest version of the plugin.

I hinted a resolution in the other thread. I recall we had some people having issues because major task versions were mixed in their pipeline, so I have good faith that this will solve your issue.

@benjamin.raymond - all sonar tasks were used with major version 5. There is inherently a bug on our on-prem server Version Azure DevOps Server 2020 Update 1.1
However issue doesn’t reproduce on Azure Devops Services ( in cloud ), hence you may close this ticket ( as we will soon move to azure in cloud )

Thank you for the update @flowbrain, happy to hear that you were able to have the issue fixed.

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