Version error at first build when using yaml only azure build pipeline

Hello everyone,

I am trying to integrate sonarcloud in an azure devops build pipeline.

The build pipeline is a YAML (only) build pipeline.
I have build a working setup in my personal environment with the visual editor.
With a YAML only build pipeline it is not possible to switch to the visual editor therefor I used the YAML code from the working setup to create the three agent jobs in the yaml only build pipeline.

When I start a build I get the messsage:

I would say I should use version 0 since this is the first installment of the sonarcloud jobs (tried @1 aswell as you can see in the screenshot) but whatever version I use it does not accept the version.

Does anyone have an idea what is going on here?

I’m not familiar with the YML definitions for Azure Pipeline, and just took a look at But I’ll try to help anyway.

Can you share an excerpt of your YML file?

Hi Fabrice, we have deleted the build pipeline and rebuild it with de graphic tooling.
We think it might have been the GUID in the task name that was wrong.

Is this a value that should be randomly generated?

Given what’s written on the Microsoft documentation, I don’t think it should. What value did you get from the graphic tooling?