500 Errors from SonarCloud.io during PR analysis

All Sonar-Scanner invocations related to PR analysis are generating 500 errors from SonarCloud.io API for all of our projects after the Invalid client_id issue with Bitbucket Cloud from earlier was fixed.

https://sonarcloud.io/api/alm_integration/show_pullrequest?project=pointinside_bootworks-api&pullrequestKey=683 : {"errors":[{"msg":"An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later."}]}
  • SCM: Bitbucket Cloud
  • CI: Jenkins
  • Language: TS / JS
  • Scanner 4.6.2

As our builds treat completing a Sonar analysis as required (we use the integration to publish the Quality Gate back and require it for PR approval), all of our builds are now blocked.

Ok, so removing the integration, installing it again, then going back and binding the Org in SonarCloud with the Team in Bitbucket Cloud ended up resolving this, or it was completely transient, but this is now resolved.

Hey there.

Thanks for the report. We’ll check to see if there’s any connection to the incident last night and if other users faced this problem as well.

In any case, glad to hear it’s solved on your side.

@JamesPI as a follow-up, we can see a brief spike in 500 errors in that web service around the time of your report, but it doesn’t appear linked to the earlier incident.

Thanks again for letting us know!