3.4.0 has an undocumented dependency on node 12.20

I had to downgrade to 3.3.1 as 3.4 wont work in my node 12.16 project. There is no record of this dependency change in the changelog and the commit and JIRA ticket that prompted it mentions nothing about node 12, just dropping support for node 10.

We are due to update the project to node 16 in the next few weeks, but in the future please make sure that dependency changes like this that can cause an extension to be non-functional are actually necessary or at least documented.

Hi @StingyJack

You are right, the changelog was a bit light on this topic. I made a few changes that should be visible in the next release.

Note that the minimal supported version is node 12.22.0 to execute our analyzer. As far as I know you can keep compiling your projects with a different node version.

I am not a JS/TS developer, so forgive me if what I say is obvious, but on my side I am using nvm to install different node versions, and I can tell SonarLint to use a specific one this way: