XPATH 2.0 for Sonar XML


I am using SonarQube 6.7 and I am looking for using XPath 2.0 based queries for Sonar XML plugin. The functions of XPath 1.0 are not enough for our custom rules and we would like to know

  1. if any near future versions of SonarQube XML plugin incorporates the support for XPATH 2.0 or more?
  2. what other options do we have to leverage > XPath 2.0 based queries in Sonar XML rules.


Hi Hareesh,

Ticket SONARXML-68 seems to correspond to your need. At this stage though I’m not aware of any firm plan regarding its implementation (open-source contributions are welcome!). As far as SonarXML is concerned there is no workaround to use XPath 2.0.

Thanks Nicolas, yes that’s disappointing a bit but I will try and see if I could manage with XPATH 1.0

Thanks and Regards