Wrong severity level for external issues

  • SonarQube -, SbtSonar-2.2.0
  • generate scapegout report with rule com.sksamuel.scapegoat.inspections.option.OptionGet:
  • in scapegoat reports I have <error line="105" message="Use of Option.get" severity="Error" source="com.sksamuel.scapegoat.inspections.option.OptionGet" ... ></error>
  • in sonar I have Minor severity

Why sonar overwrite severity levels ?

Hello @yarosman

In SonarQube context, we are using the types and severity provided by SonarQube, it is not possible to set any severity you may want.

We checked the rules of Scapegoat and came up with the following mapping that is close to our definition of type/severity:

Scapegoat Error   => BUG       /MINOR
Scapegoat Warning => CODE_SMELL/MAJOR
Scapegoat Info    => CODE_SMELL/MINOR

So despite the fact that scapegoat refers to it as an “error”, I think it makes sense to set it as a minor bug.

Hope it clarifies the situation.