Wrong redirection after succesfull gitlab authentication

  • using in docker container
  • self hosted gitlab should be the authentication provider
  • gitlab provided authentication did work with direct IP-address URL to the sonarqube container. sonarqube sends bad redirection after authentication since I changed the server.url to https://sonarhost.

When I changed the server.url to the intended final one: https://sonarhost, after succesfull authentication (according to sonarqube logs, and by experience also), sonarqube send the wrong redirection: http://sonarhost instead of https://sonarhost.
Authenticaton is succesfull for real, I can use the UI after fixing the http:// URL to https:// in the browser.
I thought I updated all the necessary data in gitlab and sonar:

  • server is accessible via reverse proxy (nginx). nginx provides ssl offloading
  • server.url in sonarqube is https://sonarhost
  • application callback in gitlab updated to https://sonarhost/… too


From the docs, it looks like there’s a SonarQube URL you configure on the GitLab side. Is that one also updated to https?