Will GitHub plugin work with SonarQube v7.3 Community Edition?

Over the last year, my organization has derived an enormous amount of benefit from using GitHub plugin with SonarQube v5.6.7 LTS. The plugin page explains that the plugin is now deprecated and the Plugin Version Matrix page state that the plugin is incompatible with SQ v7.2 and v7.3

Is the plugin incompatible with Community Edition? Or just with Developer Edition (and above)?

I am currently unable to perform testing that would provide the answer - hence asking here.

We need to stick with Community Edition (and thus, the plugin as well) for at least the next 6 months… so the answer to the compatibility question will determine what SonarQube version I upgrade to in the next month. Maybe I should just settle on moving to v6.7.5 LTS and leave the v7.x issues for another day?


Plugin compatibility does not vary by edition.

The GitHub plugin is deprecated as of version 7.2. That doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work.