Why there are two rules for Boolean being return as null?

Hi there,
we have a valid business requirement to return null out of the method with Boolean return type (Java). In order to ignore a generated issue I used SuppressWarnings(“squid:S2447”). On the server a new issue got created: NP_BOOLEAN_RETURN_NULL. I tried //NOSONAR - a new issue got created: do not use NOSONAR.
So basically I have to use both SuppressWarnings and SuppressFBWarnings? What’s the point of this duplicate rule?

Hey there.

It looks like you probably have GitHub - spotbugs/sonar-findbugs: SpotBugs plugin for SonarQube installed on your SonarQube instance, which may offer rules similar in functionality to those built into SonarQube. You should disable one of them in your Quality Profile.