Why is java:S2447 specific to Boolean?

Rule java:S2447 says not to have a method that returns a Boolean ever return a Null, on the grounds that Boolean is easily confused with boolean and people may assume a Boolean method ALWAYS returns true or false, and they don’t check for Null.

I probably don’t know the latest Java “best practices” consensus, but I’m curious as to why Boolean is specifically singled out. I mean, wouldn’t the same reasoning apply to other boxed types, especially ones with names identical to primitives (except capitalized)? For instance, if a method returns a Double, I might just assume it’s zero or non-zero and forget to check for the Null case.

Hello Mister Pi,

Thanks for the report. I agree with you, this is a bit inconsistent. We are planning a larger effort to revisit our Java rules in the coming months and see which ones make sense and which ones need to be rethought. I have noted this rule down for further examination according to the point raised by you.

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Thanks for your reply. Note that I’m not claiming definitively that it IS inconsistent, only that it SEEMS that way, so I thought maybe you had some insight into why this rule was chosen or why it was specific to Boolean. In fact, when I brought this rule up with our devs, some of them argued strongly that null is legitimate for ANY boxed type, that that’s sort of the point of having a boxed type in the first place (so that it’s an object). I just thought you folks would have your fingers on the pulse of “best industry practices” (though I guess some things are still in contention – not everything is a ‘goto’ :slight_smile: )


BTW, from what I’ve seen, a lot of violations of this particular rule (specific to Boolean) are because someone wanted a “third state” (like “unknown”) and used null for that. IOW they weren’t using Boolean because they NEEDED the boxing (e.g. as part of a collection).

It seems to me that an Enum is more appropriate. Since this seems like a common case, does anyone know if Java has added a 3-state enum to its libraries? Or is this a case where everyone has to roll their own?

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