Why did it report this mistake?


(Flying Rhino) #1


Help。。。I want to use sonarlint for c++ in visual studio,but it seems to only support c# and vb,Why did it report this mistake?

(Loïc Joly) #2


To enable SonarLint :sonarlint: for C and C++ in Visual Studio, you have to install extra language support (it will also enable Javascript support). I think you will be prompted for it the first time you launch Visual Studio after installing SonarLint, but you can always activate it manually it Tools/Options/SonarLint for Visual Studio\Activate more....

Hope this helps,

(Flying Rhino) #3

Thanks for your answer. I just cannot connect to SonarQube but I can check the code offline.

And…in visual studio, how can I choose the rules for checking(I think some rules are not necessary)? I know the rules in sonarlint for intellij-idea can be customized.

(Loïc Joly) #4

Hello again,

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to select the rules that apply for C++ in SonarLint for Visual Studio.

(Flying Rhino) #5

emmm…thank you very much.