Which endpoints do SonarScanner use?

Hello, I have a SonarQube Server (v 8.8) in local and some projects compiling on ADO. I would like to connect these projects with SonarQube through SonarScanner but I wouldn’t like to open the whole /sonar of my server to the internet so I would like to know which endpoints are the minimum necessary to upload the Test and Code Coverage Informs to the server.

I tried to look for this on the official docs but I couldn’t find anything, I’m sorry if this topic has been resolved before.

If you run the scanner with debug logs enabled, all WS calls are listed. Several webservices are used get data about the project in SonarQube.

Hello Duarte and huge thanks for your response. However I tried to do that using the --verbose and i got nothing about the Sonar endpoints. I got a lot of calls for the plugins but nothing about the upload of the results. I do not know what to do about this but if we are not able to expose just the minimun endpoints we will have to stop using sonar at all and we love it. Should not be a list of endpoints that SonarScanner uses for this management reasons? I could imagine a lot of clients needing that too.