Help with Test Coverage - SonarQube 8.1

Hi, I’m trying to replicate a production instance of SonarQube 8.1. I know this is outdated but it’s what my company uses - there are plans to upgrade this at a later stage.

To start, I’m trying to follow the quick demo documentation. In a Linux VM, I’ve installed SonarQube from the zip file. I am using SonarScanner 4.2 for analysis.

To get a feel for the product, I’ve gotten some sample code from GitHub and tried to analyze them. Whilst it works, no coverage is produced. I’ve read the documentation for test coverage as well as the guides on the community page but am confused about what to do.

Am I supposed to download a tool and put the file in the folder I’m trying to analyse or do I have to add a bunch of commands somewhere?

Any help would be appreciated.

SonarQube only reads coverage reports, it isn’t involved in producing them (although we provide some guidance in community guides / documentation about how these reports are commonly produced, and putting them in a format SonarQube understands).

What language(s) are you using? What build tools are you already using? What coverage tools are already being used by your projects?

Hi, I was just testing out some Java code. For this demo, no build or coverage tools were used