Where is the embedded tutorial?

Installed SonarQube version 7.7 on Linux, Java 8, MySQL 5.6

Start up SonarQube, can login as admin on port 9000.

But… where’s the promised “embedded tutorial” referenced in https://docs.sonarqube.org/7.7/setup/get-started-2-minutes/ ? I see no sign of it.

Screen capture:

Have you tried to click on the “Create new project” button?

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Yes. It wanted me to create a new project. No sign of embedded tutorial.

But that is the tutorial. :slight_smile:

Log in to http://localhost:9000 with System Administrator credentials (admin/admin) and follow the embedded tutorial to analyze your first project.

Create the project:

Create/provide a token:

Then analyze your project:

You have got to be kidding me! If the product is promising a tutorial, the least it can do is say “This is the tutorial, now we’ll walk you through creating a new project.” The product doesn’t say that. The “two minute quick install” doesn’t say that.

This is like promising to teach someone how to ski, taking them to the top of the hill, and then saying “OK, now ski.”

Personally I already got around this and have started analyzing some existing Gradle/Java projects. But it’s a huge barrier to any potential customer who wants to try out SonarQube.

Hi Charles,

You’re right, “embedded tutorial” isn’t the right language for this and it wasn’t clear in the Get Started in Two Minutes guide. A documentation fix is in and will come out with the next version of SQ. Now about those skiing lessons… :grinning:


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Thanks, Mike, appreciate the response (and the upcoming fix).

I’ve noticed a few other documentation “oopses” along the way… but overall our experimentation with SonarQube is going well (and I’ve learned a few things about Java ‘volatile’ along the way from the very useful SonarQube reports).

What is the best way to report what seem like documentation issues?

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Hi Charles,

https://community.sonarsource.com/c/bug with the - already existing - tag documentation seems appropriate.