When will be the next 9.x LTS version come out, with support of java 16 and 17?

Hi everyone,

I understand from a previous post that you don’t intend to provide support of java 16 and 17 in 8.9 LTS, but in the next 9.x LTS.

It may be fine if the next 9.x LTS could be released soon. As you wrote in the post mentioned above, we would get the new features at the same time. However, I have some doubts that the 9.x LTS will appear soon: the current last release is 9.1, while the last LTS only arrived with 8.9 LTS. If we have to wait for 9.9 for the next LTS, it would mean several months from now.

Could you explain your strategy and roadmap to provide support for java 16 and 17 on LTS?


Best regards,

Hi Patrick,

SonarQube 8.9 was released in early May and the LTS cycle is ~18mo, so it would be a year from now at the earliest.