When using maven sonar plugin, how to configure projectName with Chinese characters

my config looks like below,


but on sonarqube page, project name is displayed as "å…¨æ¸ é“æ•´åˆå¹³å°ç”µå­é“¶è¡Œä¸šåŠ¡

Hi @West_Farmer!

Can you provide more information? Please answer the following:

  • What kind of OS are you using? Windows? Mac?
  • Which version of SonarQube are you running?
  • Can you run your sonar analysis in debug mode mvn clean install sonar:sonar -X and share those logs with me? If you prefer a private message, just message me and we can talk about it there.

I tried doing a sample project with your name projectName and it worked on my macOS with UTF-8 encoding [INFO] Default locale: "en_US", source code encoding: "UTF-8" when I ran the sonar analysis.

Here is what it looked like: