When I click on a billboard that "drills down" to display a specific condition I expect that condition would have focus

For example, when I click on Duplicate Code to find out what its actually referring to…

It takes me to a file listing where there is duplicate code. If I click on any one of those files, I expect to be taken to the first location in the file where there is duplication. However I am taken to the top of the file, where I have to scroll through the file trying to figure out what is actually the duplicate code being referred to. There is a lot of visual noise in the form of other indicators that I always have to hover and read the tooltip for…

It shows me highlighted rows as new code, despite the fact that I had clicked on an Overall Code metric. I’m not interested in new code, please dont highlight the row, as its misleading when I am looking for duplicated code.

It shows me green indicators representing testing covers a line, but I didnt click on Coverage.
It shows red and “striped red”? representing lines not and partially covered by testing, I didnt click on Coverage, and these are misleading - red indicates a problem since I clicked on Dupication I would expect to see duplications marked as red or highlighted.

It shows the little biohazard symbol for code smells, but I didn’t ask to see them either.

Duplicates show up in black indicators. Black isn’t an “Alerting” color, and is also associated with DC negative (at least in the US). These should be the only things indicated on the screen when I’ve used the drill down to see them, and should be shown in a proper alerting color (Yellow, Orange, Red, etc.).

At least put a Legend explaining the different indicators.