What languages does the dotNET Scanner Cover?


Sonarqube Version - Version 10.0 (Sonarqube Data Center Edition)
Sonarqube Deployed through Zip.

I was trying to scan Groovy files and I used this plugin GitHub - Inform-Software/sonar-groovy: SonarQube plugin for Groovy.
I was hoping, that when using the SonarScanner for .NET it would also cover/scan the Groovy files, but it didn’t. But when I tried scanning using the SonarScanner it scanned those Groovy files.

My question here is, how does the SonarScanner for .NET work? Does it scan only the C# files that were build during the Build stage or Will it also scan other language files apart from the C#?

Say, if it doesn’t cover other language files as part of the scan, Is a separate project in Sonarqube required for scanning those files(the same source code but scanned with SonarScanner)?

Any advice/suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.


Hey there.

Take a look at the Analyzing languages other than C# and VB section of the Scanner for .NET documentation.

And, as a DCE user, you definitely have a contract with commercial Sonar Support. I suggest reaching out through there.

Got it! Thanks @Colin!

From the Docs,
" Analyzing languages other than C# and VB

For newer SDK-style projects (used by .NET Core, .NET 5, and later), the SonarScanner for .NET will analyze all file types that are supported by the available language plugins unless explicitly excluded.

For older-style projects, the scanner will only analyze files that are listed in the .csproj or .vbproj project file. Normally this means that only C# and VB files will be analyzed. To enable the analysis of other types of files, include them in the project file."

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