SonarScanner for .NET to analyze multiple languages include C++

  • which versions are you using: (10.4,Enterprise)
  • how is SonarQube deployed: zip

Hi, I want to analyze projects built using MSBuild
And there are Multiple languages(C,C++,HTML,XML etc…)
I wonder if it’s possible analyze all those languages using SonarScanner for .NET and get results in one sonarqube project.


The SonarScanner for .NET is only useful if you have .NET code in the mix. You only mention C/C++ plus HTML, XML… I would advise you to take a look at the C/C++ documentation and follow the recommendations.

To be perfectly clear, if you have no .NET code, the SonarScanner for .NET will not do anything (or indeed work) for you.
If you do have .NET code, then please provide a layout of your whole repo so we can help you decide on the best options.

For more details, From project root folder, I used SonarScanner CLI and it analyzed HTML, XML… files and when I uesed SonarScanner for .NET ,it analyzed C/C++ files. Both built with MSBuild
I wonder if I can analyze all those languages for one sonarqube project

If you are only analyzing C/C++ and JS,TS,HTML,CSS and no .NET project then you should use the buildwrapper as per the documentation
After using the build-wrapper and building your C/C++ project you will call the scanner-CLI.