What is the difference between jacoco and coverage plugins in sonarqube

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I’m using sonarqube community 8.8 and Cobertura 2.0 plugin and I ran analysis for maven and ant projects. I was wondering for maven projects it need to add the same plugin? Or did I need other plugin? Is any difference? Several times I can not see the coverage report.

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If you’re having trouble specifically with Cobertura, I’d suggest reaching out to the plugin maintainer at galexandre/sonar-cobertura. If you’re having trouble with any coverage formats listed in our docs (note that support for a coverage tool is language-specific), you’re in the right place to get help.

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Thank you Colin for your answer. I can see in the docs that jacoco is deprecated for java language, so I’ll use sonar-cobertura plugin for that.

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Just to be clear – importing .exec style reports via sonar.jacoco.reportPaths is deprecated (in fact, removed since long before 8.8. I’m going to issue a PR on the docs to remove the reference). Importing JaCoCo XML coverage reports is supported.

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