SonarQube not pickup Jacoco report

Hi All,
Can anyone help me.
I’m using Sonarqube 6.7 and integrate with Jenkins 2.187 , is setup build in Jenkins to invoke top-level maven target (Doing Unit test and generate Jacoco report)
and then trigger sonar scanner to run. build was successfully but no code coverage was blank in Sonarqube server.

the file is setup as below :
#Sonar to read Jacoco Report

hello @darwin,

can you post the logs from the analysis in debug mode?

Hi @saberduck, thanks for your response, here is the debug logs .
sonar.txt (23.8 KB) I found there’s two lines :
10:07:19.224 DEBUG: ‘Generic Coverage Report’ skipped because one of the required properties is missing
10:07:19.225 DEBUG: ‘Generic Test Executions Report’ skipped because one of the required properties is missing
but not sure what’s that and how to fix it

From the logs it seems that you are using Java 11, but you have quite old version of sonar-java plugin (installed is 4.15, latest is 5.14) on your SonarQube, which doesn’t support it. Can you try to update sonar-java version on your SonarQube instance?

Hi @saberduck.

I try with SonarJava, the result is still same. no code coverage in Sonarqube dashboard.
here is the logsonar.txt (20.9 KB)

Sorry my bad, actually it’s work, many thanks for your respond and solution

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