Not able to get the code coverage report for multi module project

jacoco-maven-plugin: 0.8.5, java 13, maven: 3.3.1, SonarQube version: 7.9.1
I tried with both - sonar.jacoco.reportPath and sonar.coverage.jacoco.xmlReportPaths.
But, in both the case I get the info as: Skipping JaCoCo execution due to missing execution data file.

Mine is a multi module project. All the modules has code, one of them has both java code and tests.
When i try to run the with the command:
mvn clean test verify sonar:sonar -Dsonar.projectKey=***** -Dsonar.login=, The coverage is always 0% and the logs says, - Skipping JaCoCo execution due to missing execution data file

I have tried nearly everything given in the posts and internet.
Can someone please help

Hello @pallaviaggarwal

This message is logged by the JaCoCo goal, it’s not related to SQ. Obviously a consequence is that SQ cannot import coverage as it does not exists, but the issue has to be looked at your test execution phase.

Thanks for the reply.I was able to fix that.
Now, the sonarqube shows the coverage when I run from local, but when the jenkins build is triggered, the jacoco.exec file is generated, but still coverage shows 0%.

Is there some settings from jenkins need to be done?

Did you turn logs to debug to see if there are some information that could help? Usually the issue is pretty clear from logs.

I saw the logs in Jenkins. The jacoco.exec is generated.
Even printed the file content and it shows well. The only thing is, its not able to pick the contents of the file and show in jenkins and sonar.
The jacoco step in jenkins file is:
step([$class: ‘JacocoPublisher’,
execPattern: ‘target/jacoco.exec’,
classPattern: ‘/target/classes’,
sourcePattern: '
inclusionPattern: ‘**/*.class’