What is a function of Sonar GitHub App?

I’m using Jenkins CI and sonar-scanner and SonarCloud.
I’m not sure I understand if/why I should install Sonar GitHub App.
For now, SonarCloud analyze seems to work without GitHub App.
Into the current docs I found only “GitHub Enterporise integration” topic https://docs.sonarqube.org/latest/instance-administration/github-application/.

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If you’re using SonarCloud, make sure you’re checking the SonarCloud docs :slight_smile:

The SonarCloud GitHub application allows you to bind your GitHub organization to your SonarCloud organization.

This makes it…


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Hi Colin,

We are using Github actions, we are wondering if we can avoid creating a technical Github user account just for creating the SONAR_TOKEN by using the Sonarcloud Github app.
We don’t want to bind SONAR_TOKENs to personal GitHub users as if they leave the org our pipelines will break.

Hey there.

Today, there are no organization/project level tokens independent of a user. You can vote for this item on our roadmap