What happens with existing users in Sonarqube when we implement SSO using SAML


I am planning to use SAML plugin in Sonarqube to implement SSO using Alfa IDP.
Could anyone help with below scenario -
What happens to the existing users in Sonarqube. Currently there are two types of users - Individual users (After SAML SSO, This users will be validated via IDP). Other set of users are generic users which are used by groups at team level (These users doesn’t have any existence in IDP and will not be authenticated via IDP). These users are also used in jenkins for sonarqube authentication.

Q1 - Does these generic users will exist in Sonarqube or these users will be deleted when we implement SSO?
Q2 - Would we be able to use generic users as we are using currently, Or we have to create them again manually via admin user.

Hi @agourav1989,

First of all, could you please share with us the version of SonarQube you’re using ?
Then to answer your question :
Q1 : Existing users won’t be deleted.
Q2 : You will still be able to authenticate with local users, as they will never be deleted.

Julien Lancelot