What decides the number of SCM Publisher x source files to be analyzed

  • SonarQube Version 9.9

Hi there,

We just received a brand new instance of SonarQube from infra team with version 9.9 and we plug in our project.

I noticed that around 9000 files being analyzed under SCM Publisher which takes 1 hour while in our old instance(8.9). Only 2-3 files are being analyzed which is almost instant. Could you advise what decides the number of files being analyzed? Is there somewhere a rule to set up?


On the first analysis of a new project, SCM data must be collected for every file. On existing projects, only changed files.

You should know that we made this step much quicker in v10.0 – if you are able to use a non-LTS version, you might consider doing so.

Thanks Colin for your reply.

I rerun the scan and the number of files to scan is now significantly reduced.

However, we are in a multi branch project configuration and as soon as I start scan on a new branch. A full scan starts again which take hour.

How SonarQube decide its a new project? In our case, we have the same project key and project name for different branches, isn’t it sufficient? Also, we do not have main branch defined so far, does it matter?

Our company policy is to use LTS version and 10 non LTS is not an option for now.