We're participating to the Secure Coding Virtual Summit from WhiteSource

Hello Community Friends,

A quick note here to let you know that I will be speaking at the Secure Coding Virtual Summit organized by WhiteSource. This is a virtual event open to all, and dedicated to the topic of application security, not generally speaking, but really in the context of developers coding. coding

Here’s the abstract of the talk I will present:

Code Security: Let’s Put Fears Aside and Learn Cool Things

Fears… It’s like if they sometimes rule the security market… If you don’t follow secure development practices, then your users’ personal data might get stolen… If you don’t do ‘DevSecOps’, then your app will be vulnerable and might get hacked… No doubt Application Security is an important topic, but is bringing up risks and fears really the best way to get development teams to care about secure coding practices?

In this talk we will go through a different approach, a more powerful one: empowering developers. Developers love learning best-practices, they constantly seek to improve their code. By tightly coupling security tooling with developers’ workflow, you can get more than just mitigating risks and fears: you’re giving an opportunity for your development team to be more engaged, to truly understand the security of their code, and to continuously get better at keeping it secure.

As you join this session, leave fears on the side, and come feel the good vibes of developer-led code security! It’s about developers learning and growing, it’s about teams maximizing their impact.

You can see the full agenda and register directly on the Virtual Event Website. I’m also happy to take any question below!