Join our first ever webinar: Empowering Developers to own Code Security

What: Application security starts in the code; SonarQube helps you own it
When: 4 March, 10 a.m. CST (time zone conversion)
Presenter: G. Ann Campbell (me!)

In a live webinar on March 4th at 10am CST, I’ll present SonarSource’s value proposition in the Security market and show how you can use SAST (Static Application Security Testing) to nip application security problems in the bud.

We all know security can be daunting, but at SonarSource, our approach is different. Join us for a live 30 min virtual event on our approach to Code Security and how developers can own the security of their code. I’ll share an overview of the Security Market, and SonarSource’s SAST (Static Application Security Testing) value proposition, and I’ll do a brief demo of the developer security experience in SonarQube. You’ll see how SonarQube:

  • Helps you understand the problem and the fix
  • Empowers Developers by shifting security analysis left
  • Helps every developer and development team write more secure code.

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