Webapi - how to use parameters

Hello Team,

How to use f and q for the belwo API:

GET api/user_groups/search
https://hostname/api/user_groups/search/ --------- please let me know where and how to place f and q here with example.


Welcome :slight_smile:

in this case you would use i.e.

and the json response will be something like that

  "paging": {
    "pageIndex": 1,
    "pageSize": 100,
    "total": 1
  "groups": [
      "id": "AXpoGSDx8qwt3cr7OCxu",
      "description": "Any new users created will automatically join this group",
      "default": true

As the Sonarqube web ui uses the Sonarqube web api itself, you may use the browser developer tools to see how it is used.


Thank you for the help