SonarQube web api

In SonarQube 8.4

A) Aggregation: Read all the user’s access details: (API -
GET api/users/groups (Lists the groups a user belongs to.)
However this API would provide the group listing only for a single user.
if we need to retrieve the groups data for all the users at the same time or in a single API invocation. Please confirm if such API is available in community edition or enterprise edition.

Hi @Rakeshvyas08 ,

you can use api/users/search without parameters (depending on the amount of users you have, you might have to add p and ps) if you have Administer System permissions to get a list of all users including the groups they are in.

if you are more interested in the permissions of each user there is the internal api endpoint api/permissions/users , which would give you the permissions for every user in one API call

hope that answers your question