We would love to see this for unit testing , bringing Back old unit test dribble down

Good Afternoon SonarQube,

I would like to make a request for adding back a general unittest overview.

This will be a big opening topic to really inform and explain what I like to see.
Also a while ago I requested or asked for a misra feature and I see it has been added and this was a reason for the company “VBAIRSUSPENSION” to take a developer license for sonarqube.

But one important feature currentenly is missing.
First of all I show what I would like to see.

I see that Java still supports dripple down for unittesting.
I found some screenshot on the net about this as example:

In this overview very clear is to see that tests have been ran passed.

And in the next picture there is a test overview (test execution) how I can show it around in Jenkins.

Using a junit test execution xml.

In the next part I show how SonarQube now shows me our unittests.

The tests appear by generating the following xml file

When I press on the 110 unittest blue text I get redirected to

and see the above image and and the following image:

Then when I press on unittest I get a unittest file list overview showing as

The big problem is now that when I press on it it just opens the source file as code and doesnt show me anything There is no overview of which tests are found.

The thing what’s weird for me the information is all around in the xml file.

Like here is visible that the test file powerup_stes.c has test cases with the test good ascu status etc.

So in theory I should be able to see a list of good and bad tests and which tests are ran.

I would like to see a option that I can see for C#,C,C++ etc that we have a general test overview based on test execution. Because now and I think others too have to look for test execution in diffrent environments. While our goal is to Use SonarQube for full projects , bugs, health of the product.
That with a single click from a CI environment the developer gets directed to SonarQube and can see all malfunction or issues on the current product.

I think it could be very usefull.