Can't find test reports in Sonar Cloud (not coverage)

I’m uploading ktlint reports and junit test reports (not coverage, just execution) via

Sonarqube tool shows all good, but I just can’t find any UI element in Sonar Cloud where I can check test results (how many tests failed/passed/skipped).

Is there any?


Normally we should have the same UI to visualize this as in SonarQube. You should be able to see your test results in the measures page of your main branch and then under the coverage section, like this:

We have the same issue with sonar.cs.nunit.reportsPaths. I checked the verbose log and the test reports are picked up correctly. Is it still the case that C# tests are not reported? See:

Hey @Nezz

The total count of Unit Tests should still appear for C# projects, but not any individual tests. Effectively, the most you can expect to see is this.

This is only useful for… maybe tracking the number of Unit tests in your project over time? Not a lot of value.

If you really need this metric and are having trouble with making it show up, please raise a new thread, as this thread is unrelated to C#.