Display test results

  • ALM used: GitHub
  • CI system used: GitHubActions
  • Language: C++

It might be a pretty simple question, but where are my test results displayed?
The files are recognized and uploaded (at least the action does not generate an error), but i cannot find them.
I would assume, that the tests results (regardless, if they are new or not) will be displayed in the overview section


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Hi @PinkySan ,

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Can you rerun your analysis with debug-log level (just append -X to the sonar-scanner command in your yaml pipeline) and attach the logs here? Did you define the parameter for test coverage for C++ (see here for reference)?

This is an example of what the coverage and unit tests look like: https://sonarcloud.io/dashboard?id=opendap-bes-modules&pullRequest=471


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Hey Joe. Thanks for your fast answer.
At the moment i do not have any test coverage enabled so far. This will be made in the next step.

The result of my action is here: output.txt (2.7 KB)

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Thanks for the clarification, my mistake in assuming coverage when you just wanted unit test results.

Can you repost the logs? It looks cut off and only shows some lines.

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In the example project you sent me i was not able to find the test results either.
It might not be one of the features of sonarcloud/sonarqube, but why are the developers able to upload the test executions. Within a PR i am interested, if the PR vulnerates some of my tests.
These are the generated files, the output and the sonarproject files
output.txt (3.6 MB)
animalTest.txt (429 Bytes)
helloTest.txt (759 Bytes)
The *test.txt files are normally *test.xml files

sonar-project.properties.txt (776 Bytes)

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I recreated a simple branch from master to replicate a similar behavior as you and I too noticed that unit tests are not shown on the Overview screen or in the Measures screen (of the branch/PR) in SonarQube UI, which is the current behavior as intended.

Is there something else you are expecting or what kind of information did you want to see on the screen? Can you give an example?


I like the simplicity of sonarcube for integrating and viewing the results within a PR. I want to have a clear overview for everyone to see within a PR which test ran, which tests were successfull and which tests failed.
If not test ran, i won´t see any failing tests at all.

That was my main goal.