We can't open sonarcloud account

When we try to authorize our team account; we got the following error.

Can you check please?
Trace ID: 35b1ae5b-ce32-4be8-98d2-fcc6063b2100 Correlation ID: e674d21c-4694-4682-8b89-d2f203e5659d Timestamp: 2023-07-12 14:04:49Z


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As reflected in your screenshot, that error message comes straight from a 3rd-party, and there’s little we can do about it. It looks like you’ll need to

claim ownership of the company by DNS validation

before anyone can do anything to help.


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Thank you. We cannot perform DNS verification for special reasons. We solved the problem by logging into Azure with the organization code. The problem seems to have nothing to do with SonarCloud. Since my company had more than one tenant setup, this method solved our problem in finding the right tenant.

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