Login issues with new DevOps account

Dear Community,

I am using my new work Azure DevOps account to enter a SonarCloud.io. I am having issues to login with Azure DevOps. This is the error that I get:

You’re not authorized to access this page.

Reason: invalid_client, AADSTS650051: Using application ‘Sonarcloud’ is currently not supported for your organization xxx.xxx because it is in an unmanaged state. An administrator needs to claim ownership of the company by DNS validation of xxx.xxx before the application Sonarcloud can be provisioned. Trace ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Correlation ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Timestamp: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please advise what to do, and what I can do to bypass issue?

Hi @Senad

From the message, I understand the issue is on the Azure DevOps organization side, not on SonarCloud side.
I would suggest to reach out to your Azure organization administrator with that message, to perform the required DNS validation before attempting again to log on SonarCloud with your Azure account.