Warnings in SonarCloudPublish task since 30 October


Since Friday 30th of October we started receiving weird warnings in the sonarcloudpublish task in azure devops services. The warnings looks as follows (please note that I removed all info from the warning that is specific to our organization/run):


I noticed that sonar-scanner-vsts 1.16.0 was released 4 days ago

And in the notes I saw this line:
SC-2556 Show warning on pipeline quality gate

Could this be something related to the warnings I get?

Hi @chanapai,

Thanks for letting us know! This is indeed unexpected and we will be fixing this soon. I’ll let you know once the fix is released.

We too get these errors.


  • Azure DevOps CI pipeline
  • SonarCloudPublish version 1.10.0

This is the log from Azure DevOps:

2020-11-09T12:53:36.1198251Z ##[section]Starting: SonarCloudPublish
2020-11-09T12:53:36.1475263Z ==============================================================================
2020-11-09T12:53:36.1476177Z Task         : Publish Quality Gate Result
2020-11-09T12:53:36.1476579Z Description  : Publish SonarCloud's Quality Gate result on the Azure Pipelines build result. To be used after the actual analysis.
2020-11-09T12:53:36.1476956Z Version      : 1.10.0
2020-11-09T12:53:36.1477167Z Author       : sonarsource
2020-11-09T12:53:36.1477791Z Help         : Version: 1.10.0. [More Information](https://sonarcloud.io/documentation/analysis/scan/sonarscanner-for-azure-devops/)
2020-11-09T12:53:36.1478248Z ==============================================================================
2020-11-09T12:53:37.6661957Z ##[warning]{"id":"AXWtEaIVLABbiKXaFXgY","type":"REPORT","componentId":"AW2G6EQOXu_0lF5flDyl","componentKey":"xxx","componentName":"yyy","componentQualifier":"TRK","analysisId":"AXWtEaN_pmov4aJr2maW","status":"SUCCESS","submittedAt":"2020-11-09T13:53:35+0100","submitterLogin":"zzz","startedAt":"2020-11-09T13:53:35+0100","executedAt":"2020-11-09T13:53:37+0100","executionTimeMs":1477,"logs":false,"hasScannerContext":true,"organization":"kommuninvest","warningCount":0,"warnings":[]}
2020-11-09T12:53:37.7119027Z SYSTEMVSSCONNECTION exists true
2020-11-09T12:53:37.7125130Z SYSTEMVSSCONNECTION exists true
2020-11-09T12:53:38.1155465Z ##[section]Finishing: SonarCloudPublish

It’s strange that the property warningCount is 0 and the property warnings is emty array, .

I don’t know if it is related but we’ve also started seeing these warnings in SonarCloud:
“Pull request decoration did not happen because the token is missing. Please set it in the project settings.”

What is the latest news regarding this issue?

Ping @TomVanBraband

Hello @Johan_Karlsson,

Thanks for bringing this my attention again. We will release a new version of the SonarCloud extension by the end of this week. This will solve the weird warnings you are seeing.

Great, thank you!

Hello @chanapai and @Johan_Karlsson,

We just released a new version that should fix this. Thanks for reporting this and thanks for your patience

Thank you very much @TomVanBraband !

Will probably test this on Monday since I feel like I’m in for trouble upgrading something 10 min before my workday ends on a Friday :slight_smile:

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