Want to upgrade into Sonarqube > 10.3 but can't due to problem with scanner

Hey everyone,
My usage scenario is that in the company I work for, we have Java 15 codebase.
Currently we use Sonarqube 10.3.0 and would love to upgrade to higher Sonarqube versions but everytime we try to upgrade, and scan our code using Sonarscanner (4.8 because versions > 5 don’t support Java 15) we encounter issues where it fails to work. Now, the point is → why? Is there any option to force Sonarqube 10.5 to use Sonarscanner 4.8 and accept scanning code which is Java 15?

We do have plans to switch to Java 21 with Spring Framework 6 but such things take time…


Hey there.

You won’t need to upgrade the version of Java that your project uses – SonarQube 10.5 supports analyzing Java 15 code. However, you’ll need to make sure that at least Java 17 is available in the scanner environment (or you use SonarScanner 5.0+ with Java 17 embedded) when running the scanner. You can read more in the docs on Scanner Environment.