Visual Studio SonarLint plugin does not allow you to add authentication

Someone on my team has set up the SonarLint plugin in Visual Studio 2017 that is linked to our deployment on SonarCloud. I have tried to setup the plugin as well, but it can’t find the project, I suspect that this is because it requires authentication to view. My colleague has it set up with his user authentication token, but I am unable to enter my own authentication token.

It seems like this is an issue when you have a project bound to your solution already, but have not set access up.

Right clicking on the project that is listed only gives me the option to refresh or browse to it, with no way to specify any authentication on it.



A workaround for the behavior you’re experiencing is described in the discussion of this GitHub issue, where it looks like somebody reported a similar/the same problem.


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Thanks very much for bringing that to my attention. We might have to wait for a fix in that case before sending out instructions to our developers regarding this integration until this is fixed.