Visual Code - SonarLint does not download new configurations when I change the project configuration on sonarqube


I starting using the SonarLint on Visual Code and connected my project with a sonarqube.

But when I change configuration on sonarqube, SonarLint does not detect the changes (even if I restart the Visual Code).

The only way I can make SonarLint download the new configuration for now, is deleting the folder C:\Users%Username%.sonarlint\storage and restarting Visual Code.

For comparison, on SonarLint for Visual Studio, if I change the configuration on sonarqube and restart Visual Studio, I get a message to re-sync with sonarqube (and the message box has an “update” button on itself :))

Hi @Frederico_Silva_Guim

Indeed, in VSCode we have not yet implemented a notification when binding storage is outdated. I have created a ticket for that:

Why not using the command to update the binding:


I didn’t know about that “update the binding” command … (way more practical than deleting a folder :stuck_out_tongue: )

But the “update the binding” command does not re-run the analysis on the opened files :frowning:
I have to save (or reopen) the files to get the new analysis after the “update the binding”…

(How may I suggest this change as a new feature?)

Patience young grasshopper :wink: